Welcome To Our Website! Amazon Hot Deals From Us To You, No Tricks!

Our website is starting today April 20th, 2022. We have got tired of visiting so many different websites where you get bombarded with thousands of ads, and other pop ups as well as many things to click and getting to many tricks in the way, just to get a freakin deal that we seen posted. Enough of that crap! DISCOUNT FLAMINGO!

Our website doesn’t have any tricks or annoying crap. We have deals that we find and share with you, and you can get the deal or not get the deal, but no other extra crap. We hope you enjoy our website and shade posts when you find a good deal on our website. Sharing our posts with others will help others find us. About time there is a easy to use, no BS website that shows awesome hot deals. Welcome and enjoy your time with our website!

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases through some links in our articles.
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